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Tired mama and the love of books

So, while this website and our stand is all about the beauty and enjoyment of antique or vintage books, we also wanted to give a little nod to a rather lovely video blog channel - Tired Mama Tries to Read - that we have come across that we thought was worth sharing,

What I like about this blog is the honesty and genuine love of books that comes out from this tired mama. The fact that not only, do her adorable dogs make an appearance on a number of occasions (and who doesn't love dogs?!), but you can feel that her little one will have such a breadth of reading material. How this mama manages to get through the books is a mammoth effort and one that I am in awe of - I don't have a small human to be responsible for - and I get nowhere near as much reading done.

The books that the tired mama reviews don't have the musty old smell that our antique books bring, but you can see they exist on the shelves behind her. So she is a true bibliophile. Instead, she offers an insight into modern literature - fiction and non-fiction - that might inspire us to pick up a book that would be out of the norm.

So if you're looking for a new YouTube channel to subscribe to and interact with, then I would definitely say that this one would be well worth it. She's also on Instagram and Twitter, offering the same authenticity in her book reviews and views in general about what it means to be a bookworm.

Happy watching.

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