Rare and First Edition, 1986. Artus.


The book is in excellent condition, with some tears to the dust jacket, but the pages are clear and the prints are bright, showing the skill of their creator. 


This book is not easy to come by and even information around its creator has been a challenge; Carmelo de la Pinta who was born in 1950 in Saint-Etienne where he lived for all of his youth.

His sensitivity was fueled by the memories of Spain evoked by his parents and the images he brought back from Castile during family stays. Very early on, he painted and drew, which led him in 1968 to the School of Fine Arts where he was a pupil of Weisbuch.

A few years later, he graduated from engraving, but haunted by the desire for other horizons. He stayed in Africa for two years before a necessary chance led him to Brittany: "There, I had the impression, finally, to take root, to meet my universe."

Since 1975, his works have been presented in numerous exhibitions, fairs and biennials across France and in many foreign countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republic and L ' Philippine archipelago.

His prints and original works are diffused in numerous galleries and made the material of two works "Celtique" (this book) and also "Songes" through Artus editions.

Celtiques Gravures 1980 - 1986 by Carmelo de la Pinta

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