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It's all about the book love

So it would be remiss of us to have let the global Book Lovers Day pass completely without acknowledgement. For this day is for all of us bookworms, those who prefer to have a nose in a book - to enjoy that special smell - and relish in the adventures and lives of fictional characters.

Jane Austen's heroines, especially Elizabeth Bennett and Catherine Morland, are two of my favourite fictional bookworms. Both find books as a way of escape from their everyday, to have the opportunity to learn more and give them more than just society gossip to talk about; no wonder they both snag two very eligible bachelors!

It doesn't matter what book you wish to get lost in - my preference is for a classic in the form of Austen, Bronte or Dickens, although Jasper Fforde can creep in occasionally - because every book has its positive, its reason why you take it off the shelf. For me, it's that moment of calm in what is a pretty hectic life, a warm blanket of literary brilliance. For my mum, she loves a whodunnit and enjoys the thrill of the story and guessing who the killer could be; Agatha Christie is a regular to her bedside table.

Books are there for you on a rainy day, in the garden, by the pool and to keep you company on a bus or train. They can even be there for you during heart break... lost loves, unrequited ones and those that stay with you for a lifetime. Books just make the days better, so all hail another Book Lovers Day and here is to many, many more for us to celebrate.

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