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New Year, New Books

The joys of Christmas and New Year have passed, with gifts galore being received and given by those that matter. However, when it comes to books, you can never call them a guilty pleasure or an added extravagance. In fact, as we have well and truly begun 2018, it's time to look at how the 'new you' can add some new books to your life.

Books as presents

Although, I did enjoy this cheeky little article from Buzzfeed about the 21 things we book lovers feel ever so slightly guilty about, which made me laugh at how true it was. Which one is most true of you? I'm certainly number one and number six, no more bookshelves to fit a lot of books I am yet to start, but keep adding to my collection because you can never have too many books in my opinion. It's something that we just can't help!

In fact, we hope that you continue to invest in books this year. We have just launched our Folio Society collection, which includes some amazing works from a whole host of authors and genres, each in more than excellent condition and clearly unread, but truly loved.

Folio Society Jeeves and Wooster box

So if you do fancy adding to your bookshelves now the festive fever is over, to start with the resolution to read more, then look no further. We hope our collections - whether that's a Folio Society book or a children's book - will be of interest and tempt you to purchase and start this new year with a bang of book covers (or two).

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