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Rare edition. Published by Ward, Lock and Co., London. Undated, but circa 1921. The books is in very good condition. Bound with beige cloth boards, black impressed cover and spine titles, borders, some shelf wear. The front board includes an oval mounted colour plate with looking glass borders depicts Alice rising to chase rabbit as he pulls a pocket watch from his jacket.  Front endpaper features dynamic two-page spread of the assorted Wonderland characters running after Alice, as well as the back endpaper spread features colour collage of Alice surrounded by characters in various scenes.


This classic edition is charmingly illustrated with colour plates by Edwardian artist, Margaret Tarrant, regarded as one of the finest illustrators of children's books. Forty-eight colour plates on smooth coated paper enchant the viewer throughout. Many unique to this volume. Margaret Tarrant was a prolific children's book illustrator and author best known for her imagery applied to myths and fables such as Alice in Wonderland and Andersen's fairy tales.


Tarrant's artistic style is heavily fairytale orientated and often features motifs of mythical animals and beings. Her soft dreamy illustrations are exemplified in this volume and portray the extent of her talent. Lewis Carroll's classic begins on a boring summer afternoon when the bright and inquisitive Alice follows a white rabbit down a rabbit-hole. At the bottom, she finds herself immersed in a bizarre world full of strange creatures and bizarre goings-on. She tries pills and potions, and attends a very strange tea party and croquet match. 


At the back of the book, there a dozen pages of adverts for available titles from Ward, Lock, & Co.

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

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