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The Folio Society, London, 2000. Hardcover. This book is in excellent condition with its khaki green pages throughout, which include photographs of those soldiers from WW1 and the poets who contributed through their words. Introduced and edited by Lyn MacDonald. 


Stunning collection of First World War poetry, gathered for this Folio Society edition, in sections labelled Happy Is England Now, Into Battle, No Man's Land, So Be Merry, So Be Dead, The Stench of Blood, Magpies In Picardy, The Big Push, On the Wings of Morning, The Road to Passchendale, The Mouthless Dead, and Ghosts Of War.


The poetic contributors include Siegfried Sassoon, Robert Sterling, John Freeman, C.J. Girling, Rupert Brooke, Richard Aldington, J.P. Ede, Edward Shanks, W.N. Hodgson, Harry L. Parker, 'Quinapalus', W.J. Turner, Charles Hamilton Sorley, Alfred Lichtenstein, Ewart Alan Mackintosh, Ernst Stadler, Wilfred Gibson, Julian Grenfell, Nowell Oxland, Ivor Morgan and Edward Thomas.

Anthem for Doomed Youth by Lyn MacDonald

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