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Firrst Folio Society Edition, 1992.


The book is in excellent condition. The Bestiary, or Book of Beasts has cream decorative boards, blue cloth with gilt lettering, as well as in a very good slip case. With All the Original Miniatures Reproduced in Facsimile.


The book offers us a unique insight into the medieval mind. If we are to understand it, we must lay aside all the mental attitudes we have gained from the writers and thinkers since the Renaissance, as well as abandon the ideas on which modern science is founded as the bestiary is an account of the natural world, which goes back to those same Greek philosophers from whom our scientific concepts ultimately derive, by looking at nature in a very different light.

Bestiary by Richard Barber

  • If you wish to return your purchase, please do so within five working days of receiving the book and in the condition upon which it was sold. Please contact us to let us know the reason why you wish to return it. 

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