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Rare edition (circa 1876). Published by Religious Tract Society, London.


Sarah Robertson Whitehead is a rather mysterious figure, she was born in 1817 in Lanarkshire, Scotland, the daughter of the Rev. John Robertson, minister of Cambuslang, and Sarah Shaw, the daughter of a Glasgow bookseller. Around 1840, she married John Whitehead and the couple lived in Edinburgh, the parents of five daughters.


Her first book 'Rose Douglas, or, Sketches of a Country Parish' was published in 1851 and was subtitled "An Autobiography of a Scotch Minister's Daughter". She certainly seems to have written books with Scottish themes, and of a pious character. She followed Rose Douglas with four more novels, the last Matthew Morrison (1877) published posthumously as she died in 1875.


"Lang Tam Tamson" is a reprint of a story first published in her "Daft Davie, and Other Sketches of Scottish Life and Character" (1876).

Lang Tam Tamson by S.R. Whitehead

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