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Published by The Folio Society, London, 2008.


Bound in buckram, blocked with a design by Neil Gower. Set in Sabon. 120 colour photographs. Previous owner ex libris sticker, as well as additional notes (this is noted in the price). Book and slipcase are otherwise in very good condition.


Ever since Darwin shocked the world with his theories of evolution and natural selection, scientists and thinkers have continued to probe the mystery of life on earth. One of the most influential among them is Richard Fortey, leading paleontologist at the Natural History Museum in London, who spent decades travelling the world uncovering traces of prehistoric life for his compelling and critically acclaimed 'unauthorised biography'.Life is a fascinating odyssey through the first 4 bilion years of life on earth, from the big bang to the first humans and in this Folio Society edition - the only fully illustrated version available - 120 stunning photographs provide an unforgettable visual companion to Fortey's inspirational narrative. Award-winning scientist Richard Fortey is a master storyteller, full of passion and enthusiasm.


His groundbreaking book reveals four billion years of life itself in all its glorious diversity. Leading us across poisonous atmospheres, hot seas and stews of bacterial slime, Fortey reveals an earth 'greened' by the 'swampy exodus' of plants from the sea, then inhabited by the strangest creatures: giant hedgehogs and scaly worms, one-eyed elephants, whales with legs, and dinosaurs. Our journey encompasses titanic miliestones such as the separation of the continents and the first womb births, and shows us how the human race is 'one tribe with bacteria that live in hot springs, parasitic barnacles, vampire bats and cauliflowers'.  Eloquent, thralling and filled with the wonder of discovery this is a book that helps answer the question: 'why are we here?'

Life. An Unauthorised Biography by Richard Fortey

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