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The Folio Society, London, 1975. Hardcover.


The book is in very good condition, with some slight damage to the spine title. The book is missing its slipcase which is reflected in the price. The book includes numerous colour litographs by Elisabeth Frink.


The Iliad is an ancient Greek epic poem in dactylic hexameter, traditionally attributed to Homer. Set during the Trojan War, the ten-year siege of the city of Troy (Ilium) by a coalition of Greek states, it tells of the battles and events during the weeks of a quarrel between King Agamemnon and the warrior Achilles.

The Iliad by Homer

  • If you wish to return your purchase, please do so within five working days of receiving the book and in the condition upon which it was sold. Please contact us to let us know the reason why you wish to return it. 

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