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Published by the Folio Society, London in 1959. This is a vintage copy from The Folio Society and both the book and slip case are in excellent condition; the book has a cover designed by illustrator Nigel Lambourne, who also provides further illustrations in this copy. 


The book includes stories such as: The Necklace, Butterball, The Tellier House, On the Water, Mademoiselle Fifi, The Mask, The Inn, A Day in the Country, The Hand, The Jewels, The Model, The Entity (The Horla). These stories—poignant scrutinies of social pretension, wicked tales of lust and love, and harrowing examinations of terror and madness—display the full genius of Guy de Maupassant. They reveal Maupassant’s remarkable range, his technical perfection, his sexual realism, and his ability to create whole worlds and sum up intricate universes of feeling in a few pages. 

The Necklace and Other Stories by Guy de Maupassant

  • If you wish to return your purchase, please do so within five working days of receiving the book and in the condition upon which it was sold. Please contact us to let us know the reason why you wish to return it. 

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