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4 reasons to love World Book Day

It's World Book Day and our social media feeds are full of pictures of young book lovers in costumes representing their favourite characters.

So, here are our five reasons why you should love this Day, no matter what your age...

1. It's a whole day dedicated to talking about books

Bookworms like nothing better than to steer conversation towards the latest book they're reading, what they've just read and also the size of their 'to read' pile. World Book Day means that we can all embrace those conversations, get lost in them and maybe even get some new book recommendations.

2. It inspires the next generation of readers

What's great about the social media posts is that it shows that there will always be a next generation of bookworms. Despite all of our technology and the rise of Kindles (or similar products), that a good old fashioned book will always win out. It's why bookshops still attract readers of all ages, which we obviously don't mind at all.

3. You read something new

We all have our genres or authors that are our go-to choices; ours vary from Dickens to Christie, but it's always good to read something new. We've been braving more modern literature - So Lucky by Dawn O'Porter is currently my book of choice (after loving Cows) - as well as dipping toes into true epics like The Odyssey. I think on World Book Day, you can take up that book that was bought for you and might have just slipped on a shelf, you never know.

4. You can appreciate the 'old' books

We couldn't leave this blog without mentioning the golden oldies or antique books that we are proud to sell and share with the world. They are more than just pre-owned volumes, although we have those too, they are history. For example our Sylvie and Bruno collection by Lewis Carroll, which follows the tale of the fairy siblings and entwines two plots set in alternative worlds; rural England and fairytale kingdoms. The fairytale satirises English society, specifically academia. They just give you a sense of a time go by and also, as they have lasted since 1898, they have seen so much of our society and love of books wane, as well as flourish.

Have an amazing World Book Day; happy reading everyone.

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